• Be creative

    nothing is a barrier
  • Be different

    inspiration is everywhere
  • Be smart

    the future is the way


Be Smart, Creative, and Different, means to be GUAVO.

We are a nonprofit organization which wants to help students, and IT enthusiasts, to gain work experience in the field of Information Technology. Using student staff, we are developing websites projects for the future and software applications for popular devices.We have a wide range of creative and interesting projects in the IT sector. If you are creative and a young student who wants to do something more in your free time, you can join to us and speed up with to the future. GUAVO´s doors are open for everyone.

Swift Deployment

Our team is ready for deployment all days in week. Except during exams at school and during a party at a local club or startup event.

Progress in Skills

Progress in skills are number one for us! We enjoy embracing new technologies and testing them on work related projects. We periodically meet with our peers and interesting people who share insight and guidance for support in realizing our goals.


Great Ideas

Every day we have a lot of great ideas, which can help each other and organizations. Great minds with great ideas make us happy. So join to us, and help realize some great ideas today.

What we do.

We are creating websites for the future, and software applications for common devices. We are quickly learning mutually together about new technologies as a society. We want to engage in innovative thinking about what will be in 3 to 10 years in the future. We are always trying to absorb new knowledge, for the most part learn more about artificial intelligence, cloud solutions, website solutions, IoT’s, mobile communications, combined with website technologies and more...

  • Innovative Websites
  • Software applications IOS/Android
  • Cloud solutions
  • Artificial intelligence


  • Young creative team
  • Great atmosphere
  • Pushing Boundaries
  • Let’s Disrupt something together
  • Flexitime
  • Respect for School & Education
  • Continuing education
  • IT Events
  • New hardware and software

Experimental Projects

What Do You Think About Interesting and Exciting experimental projects?

With our experimental projects, we want to create and try something new, and support the discussion and thought process of ideas related to future disruptive technologies. Join us to discover new and innovative ideas in Information Technology. If you’re interested, feel free to drop us an email.


Virtual Reality

Have you ever tried any Virtual Reality devices? It´s a world where everything is possible. Imagine that you can see a website in virtual reality. You can walk around, or use hand or head movements, to feel that sense of “presence”. VR challenges your mind to tell difference between what is real and what’s in the “Rift”.


Mini PC

Low Cost wallet sized Computer (Raspberry, Arduino, Genuino, Beaglebone, or others) with preinstalled OS/apps for students to realize school assignments and more... So small, it fits in your pocket. With this small PC you can take notes at school or share a Presentation of your school projects. And automatically all your data is saved to the cloud, so you never lose your work.


BlockChain / Crypto Data

What will the future look like with financial information, or data driven industries? Are you interested in disruptive technologies? Let’s together have a closer look at public: “permissionless”, and exploring private or “permissioned” blockchains. This is the time to take on new challenges within the data management and security field.


IoT - Internet of Things

“Things,..” which can be controlled by our smartphones can be very cool. Websites or devices with more information from sensors connected to the internet is the present and future. It’s amazing how small low cost sensors now can calculate and communicate everything we want. Join us with experimenting with IoT by using devices and systems that communicate via the information superhighway.


Cognitive Technologies

What are some examples of Cognitive Technologies? Machine learning to predict what movie you will like, or computer vision on navigational devices warning you to be safe, or having natural language communication for comfort and understanding, or speech analysis understanding the real details about you, or augmenting human day-to-day tasks, or help drawing conclusions from large, complex data sets, and much more...


Artificial Intelligence

Firstly, we will be experimenting with a SDK, for a popular cloud-based “brain” voice-activated device (semi-emulator). Moreover, we want to direct that technology to more interactiveness with websites. Secondly, we will review and analyze some the world’s top technology companies present research in AI, particularly with open-source AI frameworks and research projects. Optimistically, we would like to contribute to developing algorithms to understand and respond to human activity, and more.

About Us

We are awesome, we are GUAVO.

We are a creative and innovative young team of students. Instead of wasting time after school, we want to focus and discover the IT world, and absorb new knowledge and engage innovative technologies. If you like our team, then join to us!


Manager / Developer

I´m inventive and enjoy creative experiences. My hobbies are music, traveling and programming. Motto: "Everything is possible".



I want to try everything. My hobbies are reading books, programming and Android OS. Motto: "Be better than yesterday".


Designer / Developer

I´m a girl who loves IT, and everything about it. My hobbies are design, programming and a good smile. Motto: "Everyone is Unique".

Our Skills

  • HTML / CSS / Javascript

    8 / 10
  • Photoshop / Illustrator

    7 / 10
  • C Development

    6/ 10
  • IOS Development

    6 / 10

Who We Support ?

Firstly, we support students who are IT savvy, or at least have an appreciation for innovation and technology. Secondly, we absolutely support the local and regional Startup scene and community. The Startup Ecosystem is very important for inventiveness and innovation; which coincides with our Vision. Now is the time for Students, Entrepreneurs, Companies, and Government to get together and discuss and debate innovative and disruptive breakthrough technologies for the vision of the future.



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Contact Us:

E-mail: guavo@guavo.org

Name of association  GUAVO, o.z.
Branch Office:  Tolsteho 9,SK-81106
Bratislava, Slovakia
Registered Address: Nád.Európy 94501
Komárno Slovakia
Founded:  09.11.2011
Identification Number(IČO):  42209293
Tax Number(DIČ):  2023802869
Bank account:  SK86 0200 0000 0030 0236 9753
Bank:  Všeobecná úverová banka, a. s.

Contact:  Adrian Orcik
E-mail:  adrian.orcik@guavo.org
Mobile:  +421 902 477 223
Contact:  George Miklas
E-mail:  george.miklas@guavo.org
Mobile:    +421 905 735 300

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